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Salsa Progressive Course: 

Beginner 1 is for Absolute Beginners.
This 8-week course is for new students who want to learn how to dance Salsa, no prior experience is required and no partner is required. 
We will cover basic steps & and turns, shines, leading & and following skills, timing & musicality and variations of the turns to get creative on the social dance floor. 


This 4-week course is for experienced beginners, we will dive deeper into the creativity of the Salsa turns and add more complex salsa 'shines'. We will cover more techniques in our footwork and also work with travelling turns (inside/outside) in partner work as we explore more ways to get creative on the social dance floor. 
Pre-requisite for this level: Must have completed a Beginner 1, and/or you must have a strong foundation of the Beginner fundamentals of Salsa before taking this Level.


Advanced beginner patterns

Offer as a 4 week course. Come learn new and creative ways to become a better social dancer! We will cover different variations of turn patterns plus different hand rotations to throw a spin on the fundamentals. You will also be challenged by learning some new partner work “tools” and by adding some style and sharpness to it all.
Prerequisite for this level: Must have taken at least 4-6 months of dancing or have a strong understanding of Salsa On1 timing, leading & and following all the variations of inside & and outside turns. Approval by instructors is recommended to join this class. 

 We highly recommend taking at least 2-4 cycles of this level 


 Where to Next: 

After taking at least 2-4 cycles of our Advanced beginner Patterns, you have two baths to Continue your dance journey.. 

 Path 1:

Our beginner/intermediate Intensive Training Program AKA ITP. This is 12 weeks 1.5 hours of training, designed to stimulate improvement and help you become a better Social dancer! LEARN MORE…


Path 2

Intermediate (recommended 4 – 6 cycle) 

Our 4-week Intermediate class takes you deeper into more advanced concepts! We will add dynamic, control, and style into more challenging turn patterns & and shines.

Each week progressively adds more complex tools building up to a full pattern so you will be able to continue practicing and build muscle memory. Get ready for an energetic class that will take your dancing to the next level! Must have at least 1 year of dancing Salsa consistently and be able to execute more advanced shines and turns on the dance floor


 Advanced (4-week program with guest instructors)

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