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Our classes run in 4-week sessions, starting with our absolute beginner classes (Beginner level 1). Each new 4-week session starts at the beginning of the month and typically finishes at the month's end. Students are encouraged to join at the beginning of the month when each session begins. 


Each new 4-week session is $65, Classes starts at the beginning of the month and typically finishes at the Check out our Dance package below or on our price page to save when you purchase more classes:

- 1 course = $65

- 2 courses = $115.05

- 3 courses = $157.3

- 4 courses = $189.8

- Your fifth course or purchase will be free.


We also have our 4-weeks membership for $230: Include any 4-weeks course within your level or below, Drop-in classes and all social or Practical, and more. Check Here for more information.


Our beginner level includes 5 progressive courses. 

4-weeks Beginner 1 classes are our absolute beginner classes. This is a must-take course for anyone new to Latin dance or dance. Following our Beginner-1 course are 4 Beginner level courses that will take you from the classroom to the dance floor in no time. 


Our intermediate level includes 6 progressive courses. 

Designed for students comfortable with the basic steps, cross-body lead, basic timing, change of place, left and right turns. This level builds off of Beginner Level 5 to create more dynamic turn patterns perfect for the dance floor. Now that you know your basics let's start expanding /spicing up your dance Vocabulary. 


MAMBO (Salsa on2)

It’s all about the “Two” beat with this one! At this level, we will begin exploring Salsa On2.

​BACHATA SENSUAL( lovers dance)

Now that you understand Bachata, let's spice things up a bit! Come learn to dance and play with the music, improvise, body roll, dips, spin and connect with your partner on the dance floor. 


Offer as a drop-in as well as 4 weeks course.

​Looking to stand out with your Individual skills? These classes will amp up your shines and styling variations. Designed for experienced beginner and intermediate Salsa dancers. 

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