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Our classes run in 4-week sessions, starting with our absolute beginner classes (Beginner 1). Each new 4-week session starts at the beginning of the month and typically finishes at the month's end. Students are encouraged to join at the beginning of the month to ensure that no content is missed as each class builds upon the last.


Each 4-week session is $75 plus tax per person and starts during the first week of the month. If you’d like a refresher on classes you’ve already completed, AND want to continue learning new stuff, you can opt-in to take 2 or more classes within a month by taking advantage of our package deals:

- 1 course = $75 + tax

- 2 courses = $112.50 + tax 

- 3 courses = $150 + tax

- 4 courses = $186.96 + tax

- 5 courses = will be covered under our 4-week All You Can Dance membership. (Please email once you book your fifth course and we will add the membership to your account. 

Please note this discount only apply to individual bookings, and purchases must be made in one booking. 


We also have our 4-week membership for $186.96: This includes any 4-week course within your level or below, all drop-in classes, and all regular weekly socials. Note: this does not include festivals, special events, or guest instructor’s classes and workshops. .

BEGINNER LEVELS: Beginner 1 (B1), Beginner 2 (B2), Experienced Beginner1 (EB1 or Beginner 53), Experienced Beginner 2 (EB2 or Beginner 4), Experienced Beginner 3 (EB3 or Beginner 5)

- Our beginner levels include 5 progressive courses where you will learn salsa fundamentals and start to build and expand your dance vocabulary. Beginner 1 & 2 is where you start your dance adventure! This level is a must-take class for anyone new to Latin dance. Following Beginner 2 classes are Experienced Beginner 1-3 where we build on your skills and confidence so that you are ready for the dance floor in no time.


INTERMEDIATE LEVELS: Intermediate 1 (I1), Intermediate 2 (I2), Intermediate 3 (I3)

- Our intermediate level includes 3 progressive courses and are designed for students who are already comfortable with the basics, timing, tempo, patterns that change place and travel, and turns. This level will build on top of what you’ve learned so far to create more dynamic turn patterns perfect for the dance floor.  Here we really start expanding and spicing up your dance vocabulary and leveling up!



INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED: Inter/Adv 1 (IA1), Inter/Adv 2 (IA2), Inter/Adv 3 (IA3), Inter/Adv 4 (IA4)

Our Inter/Adv includes 4 progressive courses: At Inter/Adv level we start to incorporate more complex moves into our turn patterns – including double spins and “copas”, timing and musicality, body control, and movement including double spins and dips will be heavily focused on at this level. You will also find that within the turn patterns and moves that you are learning there is less ‘recovery’ time – i.e. you will be moving more quickly from one move to another without, for example, basic steps in between to give you time to ‘get ready. The focus is still on moves that are leadable and followable, and you will find that the leading/following is more challenging due to the nature of what is being taught. It is therefore vital that you are comfortable with everything that you have learned up to this point. This Level will be challenging technically and mentally, as well as physically. You will need you’re A game for each class.


What is required?

In order to take Inter/Adv level classes you will need to be comfortable and confident with all of the moves and techniques taught up to and including Intermediate level. you should be able to remain on time and balanced through more complex moves such as spins. You should also be able to apply your leading/following techniques comfortably so that you are able to dance moves that have not been ‘taught’ – i.e. you are happy ‘freestyling’ on the dance floor adapting your dancing to your partner and the music.

Typically it takes around 2 years to get to a stage where you feel comfortable enough to attend this level.

Once again, if you are in any doubt as to whether you are ready don’t hesitate to ask any of the Haliente Team as we are well aware that some people are able to progress more quickly, and some like to take longer in order to perfect their dancing.


Where to next?

Most dancers remain at this level indefinitely, and for good reason. There is virtually no limit as to what can be taught at this level – it can take years to cover everything and get enough practice to feel happy to move up from here. Inter/Adv level classes can remain challenging even for very competent dancers due to the fluid nature of the dance.

However, once you are happy with everything taught at the Intermediate level, have the ability to learn difficult techniques and move quickly, and have a good understanding of timing, balance, and movement, you are ready to move up to ADVANCED level.



- Available to experienced dancers as a drop-in as well as a 4-week course.

Are you looking to stand out with your individual skills and build mastery in your dance? These classes will amp up your shines and styling variations. Designed for experienced salsa and bachata dancers who have completed the intermediate levels




This class is open to those who have completed all five levels of our Beginner Levels. We highly recommend that students taking these classes complete and or continue to take progression classes to reach our intermediate level to better understand the moves and the transition to mambo or sensual.



Now that you understand Bachata, let's spice things up! Come learn to dance and play with the music, improvise, body roll, dips, spin and connect with your partner on the dance floor.


MAMBO (Salsa on2)

It’s all about the “Two” beat with this one! At this level, we will begin exploring Salsa On2.


Chacha, Rumba, Samba ( open to complete beginner)


Comes from Angola means “party”, and has been taking the world by storm in the last few years as romantic music that catches the ear and as a sensual dance that captivates the soul and lives you wanting more. Kizomba, which was derived from Semba, has taken on many influences and allows each dancer to develop their own style based on their own dance backgrounds and preferences. One of the fun things about Kizomba is that other styles of dance that you learned can be incorporated into it due bring out your own unique style and musicality when you hit the dance floor. ( open to complete beginner. 

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