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Moses Diallo

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" I continue to invest my time, money and energy into this art because it makes me happy and I love knowing I've created a space where others can find that same joy"

About Moses


Moses moved to Halifax in 2008 from a refugee camp in Ghana. Moses grew up dancing urban Afrodances, hip pop and performing at local parties (mostly crashing parties with his dance moves), where there is music and food you will find him there. Though Moses's first love was dancing he did not continue dancing when he arrived in Halifax, he turned to soccer.  Sadly his soccer playing days was cut short due to a back and groin injury. 


That same year he decided to take part in the musical  "Fame" with his best friend Simon, which reignited his love of dancing. During the production of Fame, the director cast him as one of the male Tango dancers. After the production ended, Moses continued to attend Tango class which lead to discovering salsa dancing at a little club called Pipa and the rest is history. " It just felt right, though I don't understand what the music is saying, the instruments sounded familiar like something I had listened to growing up".


Since that night back in September 2014, Moses hasn't gone a day without salsa music or dancing. While following his love of dance and music Moses began hosting Salsa Dura, from there he continued to grow as a dancer, Host and now an instructor and a business owner. Now the owner and director of Haliente Creative Studios and the Halifax Salsa and Bachata Festival here in the city.


Fun fact: Moses met his partner and the mother of his two kids salsa dancing. 




Director & Instructor



Fun fact:   




Yuyu has recently moved from Toronto to Halifax and she can’t wait to share her dance journey with the Haliente dance family. She started dancing when she was 6 and believes that dancing is the key to living a healthy well-rounded life. Other than her over 7 years of Salsa and Bachata experience, she has dabbled in various dance types yet within Latin dance genres, such as Cha-Cha-Cha, Samba, Rumba, and Kizomba, which enables her to merge different dance styles into classes.


For the last few years, Yuyu has been competing, performing, and assisting teaching Salsa and Bachata classes in Toronto, including but not limited to Canada Salsa and Bachata Congress, Toronto Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba Festival, Alma Toronto, DanielYDesiree Toronto.


Fun fact: If you ever want to learn how to incorporate tricks and lifts into your dance and blows people’s minds, come and discover the passion of dance with Yuyu.




Phil moved to Halifax from Montreal where he started dancing at San Tropez Dance at age 19. Since Arriving in Halifax, he has dabbled in Bachata, Kizomba, and solo styles like Jazz Hip Hop and Musical theatre while focusing training heavily on Salsa.


He danced taught with Halifax Dance for 5 years and was a member of the Dalhousie Dance Society for 9 years where he got multiple opportunities to perform. For the last 5 years, Phil has been running the East Coast Salsa training and performance team, Choreographing routines for both local events and Salsa Congresses. Their most recent performance took them to the Atlanta Salsa and Bachata Festival back in February 2020.


Fun fact: world-class speed walker  




Francesca has studied dance for her whole life. She has trained in classical ballet and danced flamenco professionally. After studying salsa and bachata in Halifax, Toronto, Havana, and Madrid, Francesca began teaching in Montreal.


She is passionate about technique and dedicated to helping dancers develop a strong technical foundation and finding their own artistic style. She is excited to be back in Halifax and to be teaching at Haliente.


Fun fact: 

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