Jemima Mitima

Given my mixed African background, I have managed to learn various forms of dances from  Africa and understanding the story behind the moves. The dances I focus on are mainly from East and Central Africa but I can do all dances from across the continent.


Afro dance is a world of its own and that’s a world I've lived in since I came out the womb, learning the beats, feeling the rhythm and understanding that it’s all tradition and that the rest will come naturally and flow within you. With Afro-dance, you have to FEEL the beat in order to move in the right direction, don’t rush the process.


Apart from Afro-dance, I also do contemporary, dancehall, hip-hop and back in the days, ballet. But now I mainly focus on Afro-dance, dancehall and hip-hop. I’m currently working on expanding my options and creating a new form of dance called “Afro-contemporary” . It’s a fusion of Afro-dance and Contemporary dance. Dancing is fun and that’s the first thing to remember, it’s not always about being the best, it’s about enjoying it as you go along.


Contact Info

1678 Barrington Street

Halifax, NS, B3J 2A2

902 817 3208

Open Hours

Monday - Thursday 6am-10pm


Friday 7pm-1am


Saturday 1pm-1am


Sunday 11am-6pm







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